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Reduce screen time and start children on the way to a healthier life
The START campaign is encouraging parents to put away the screens and pause for play with their children.
With the beginning of school term and a return to more organised days, we are encouraging parents to reduce the amount of screen time their children are having, become more active and start them on the way to a healthier life.
The ‘START’ campaign encourages families to make a ‘play pact’ by committing as a family to pause for play and spend less time on screens. This doesn’t mean children need to get involved in more organised physical activity, all movement counts. The Make A START website provides lots of simple ideas on getting active in and around the home.

The START campaign is a five year public health awareness campaign from safefood, the HSE and Healthy Ireland. The campaign is encouraging families to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle for their children by supporting them with one daily win and to persist with the changes, no matter how difficult they become. To find out more about the START campaign and ways to make a healthy, positive start visit www.makeastart.ie or www.makeastart.org.
18 September 2018 | Belfast, NI
Food for Thought, All-island Food Poverty Network Workshop
24 September 2018 | Belfast, NI
Tackling childhood obesity: the economic and ethical imperatives
28-29 September 2018 | Rotterdam, NL
EFAD Conference 2018
1-4 October 2018 | Belfast, NI
WHO International Healthy Cities Conference
5 October 2018 | Dublin, Ireland
Weight management and wellbeing: A focus on best weight
18 October 2018 | Belfast, NI
 Weight Creating active and liveable environments - Enhancing the interface between research, policy and practise
Feeding in the First Year of Life - Read the report
Screen Time

Effect of video game playing and a glucose preload on subjective appetite, subjective emotions, and food intake in overweight and obese boys. (abstract)
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Less screen time and more frequent vigorous physical activity is associated with lower risk of reporting negative mental health symptoms among Icelandic adolescents (full-text)
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Social vulnerability as a predictor of physical activity and screen time in European children. (abstract)
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Long-term determinants of changes in television viewing time in adults: Prospective analyses from the Young Finns Study. (abstract)
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Media Use and Physical Activity Behaviour of Adolescent Paricipants in Obesity Therapy: Impact Analysis of Selected Socio-Demographic Factors. (full-text)
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