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End Weight Stigma 

World Obesity Day 2018, the focus on weight stigma

For #WorldObesityDay2018 the World Obesity Federation chose to raise awareness on the prevalence, severity and diversity of weight stigma. The Federation called on all media channels to put an end to stigmatising language and imagery when discussing obesity. The Federation launched new resources and supporting material on their website, these are freely available to everyone.

Weight stigma is a negative behaviour or attitude directed at individuals and based solely on their weight. Weight stigma remains a taboo subject and is relatively absent from the conversation surrounding obesity.

By focusing on stigma this World Obesity Day the Federation aims to:

• Raise awareness about the presence and impact of weight stigma and what can be done about it.

• Increase member engagement and encourage engagement with advocacy/campaigning on weight stigma.

• Help people overcome the barriers that arise as a result of stigma, which can prevent them getting the medical treatment they need.
What can we do to Reduce Stigma?

• Abandon the use of negative images and language about obesity.

• Generate greater awareness that there are multiple sources of weight stigma and greater understanding of the steps to avoid it

• Government action to improve the environments we live in, rather than focus on individual responsibility and blame.

• Health care providers to acknowledge the environmental factors that cause obesity, which will improve support and efficacy during diagnosis and treatment.
To learn more about this campaign visit World Obesity Day.
13 November 2018 | Dublin, IE
All-island Obesity Action Forum: Reformulating our obesogenic environment.

23 November 2018 | Enfield, IE
Prevention Matters: Making the Difference

20-21 November 2018 | Harrogate, UK
BAPEN Annual Conference 2018

4-5 December 2018 | London, UK
Nutrition Society: Winter Conference 2018: Optimal diet and lifestyle strategies for the management of cardio-metabolic risk

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