November 2017
All-island Obesity Newsletter
Obesity in the News

Supersized chocolate bars and sweet bags banned from hospitals - the Guardian 

High calorie puddings dominate children's menus at food chains - the Guardian 

BPA: chemical found in baby bottles linked to increased risk of childhood obesity, finds study - the Independent

Obesity among children starting primary school continues to rise - the Guardian 

Almost a third of Irish children are now overweight - study - the Irish Times 

Obesity levels dropping in many schools - the Irish Times 

START campaign

Last week, safefood in partnership with the Department of Health and Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland; and Healthy Ireland, Health Service Executive and Department of Health in the Republic of Ireland launched a new 5-year public awareness campaign aimed at maintaining a healthy weight in children across the island of Ireland.

The campaign aspires to be a society-wide movement that helps families take the first step and then continue ongoing steps towards a healthier lifestyle for their children. Adopting a parenting approach that encourages role modelling and consistency, the campaign offers families a number of key messages and practical, achievable tips to help make healthier lifestyle changes.

The campaign messages include:

  • Minimise intake of foods high in fat, salt and sugar
  • Establish water and milk as routine drinks
  • Advocate appropriate child-sized portions
  • Increase physical activity levels
  • Limit screen-time
  • Increase sleep-time

For more information on the START campaign click here.

Evaluation of the National Obesity Policy and Action Plan

To evaluate the ROI National Obesity Policy and Action Plan the HRB Centre for Health & Diet Research (CHDR) has been tasked with: i) developing an annual bulletin or score card on progress in relation to the Obesity Policy and ii) conducting a mid term review of the policy.

Working in consultation with national stakeholders and international food policy experts and drawing on an internationally validated food policy tool (Food-EPI), a score card to benchmark the National Obesity Policy and Action Plan will be created. CHDR will: i) establish a national Expert Panel on food policy with a specific focus on the Obesity Policy; ii) host a workshop with input from international food policy experts to finalise and agree the details of the score card and international benchmarks; iii) using the score card, compile evidence on the extent of implementation of the policy in 2016 and 2017; iv) validate this evidence with the Department of Health and thereby establish a framework for the ongoing evaluation of the Obesity Policy from 2018-2025.


Health Survey (NI) First Results 2016/2017 

Healthy Ireland Survey 2017 

Breastfeeding on the island of Ireland 

Get Ireland Walking Strategy and Action Plan 2017 - 2020 

'Lets take on childhood obesity'. Evaluation of a 3-year public health campaign 


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