March 2015
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 Consumer Understanding of Food Portion Sizes


Consumers regard portion sizes as being relevant only to those dieting, more important to women and not an issue for men or younger adults, a new report from safefood published recently reveals. 

The research led by a team from the University of Ulster, found that using practical, everyday items like measuring cups and different sized spoons were seen by consumers as being helpful in managing their portion sizes. Occasions such as eating with friends or eating out presented a challenge when trying to control portion sizes. The report “Consumer understanding of food portion sizes” also found that food products with health or nutrition claims like "low fat" or "reduced fat" may also be contributing to weight gain, as many people assume these products are lower in calories than they really are and consume a larger portion

The research also revealed tips identified by consumers which they have found helpful in cutting down on their portion sizes – these included eating until satisfied (rather than full), filling up with water, vegetables or fruit and eating more slowly.
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