June 2017
All-island Obesity Newsletter
Obesity in the News

Two week holiday could be the death of you: study shows lazy break makes muscles waste away - the Telegraph

No such thing as 'fat but fit', major study finds - the Guardian

Obesity caused 5,000 bowel cancer cases over 10 years, says charity - BBC News

Social media use damaging young people's health, survey says - the Irish Times

Swallowable gastric balloon could help the obese lose weight without surgery - the Guardian

Long commutes 'increase risk of depression, obesity and damaging employees' productivity' - the Independent

Mediterranean-style diet 'can cut risk of obesity by a half' - the Telegraph

Obesity as a disease - World Obesity

Irish Heart launches Stop Targeting Kids campaign aimed at junk brands

Irish Heart has launched a new campaign aimed at preventing childhood obesity and seeking tighter restrictions on junk brands marketing to children.

There is unequivocal evidence of a causal link between the marketing of junk brands and childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Ireland with one in four children overweight or obese.

The campaign is asking for people to sign its petition calling for the Irish Government to take action by:

  • Putting an end to the aggressive and persistent junk food marketing campaigns that are manipulating children into consuming energy dense, nutrient poor foods.
  • Banning all vending machines from secondary schools in Ireland, as the first step towards removing all junk food and drink from school premises.
  • Using the revenue from the Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tax (to be introduced in spring 2018) to set up a Children’s Health Fund to tackle food poverty and childhood obesity.
Despite government announcing the nation’s Obesity Plan last September, Irish Heart say the measures do not go far enough to tackle the influence of the food and drink industry and plans rely too heavily on voluntary codes of practice set by industry groups.

You can sign up to the campaign and watch the campaign videos
Save the date: Stigma in obesity - a public health priority?
The next All-island Obesity Action Forum Workshop on 'Stigma in obesity - a public health priority' takes place on the 20th of June in the NICVA Centre, Belfast.

You can register to attend the event here.


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