January 2017
All-island Obesity Newsletter
Obesity in the News

Netherlands to remove cartoon characters from junk food packaging - The Telegraph

Three genes could explain why some people are obese but healthy, say scientists - The Guardian

'Health by stealth' sugar tax could slash rates of childhood obesity by 10 per cent - The Telegraph

Obese fathers may harm their child's ability to make friends - The Telegraph

NHS chief calls on parents to show some 'tough love' in obesity battle - The Telegraph

Kids devouring too much 'breakfast sugar' warning - BBC

One in three Irish people eat fast food at least three times per week, survey reveals - The Independent


Happy New Year



Welcome to the first edition of 2017!

We want this newsletter to be as relevant as possible to your professional needs and work. We welcome and encourage your involvement - If you would like to contribute a piece on new research, an event or oganisational update please send to Anne Parle at obesityforum@safefood.eu. As a guide try to keep to ~100 words, providing a link and picture where possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a happy and healthy new year!



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