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This issue includes a look at research into understanding engagement in a family-focused, multicomponent, childhood weight management programme in the community setting. If you would like to submit an item for inclusion in this newsletter please email obesityforum@safefood.eu
Understanding family engagement in childhood weight management
Researchers at the School of Public Health at University College Cork recently published a paper exploring public health nurses (PHNs), parents and children's perspectives on engaging with a childhood weight management programme. This qualitative study was carried out in two communities in Ireland.
Key findings include:
  • PHNs were afraid of misclassifying children as obese and of approaching the subject of excess weight with parents.
  • Peer support from other PHN as well as training in how best to talk about weight with parents, with potential strategies suggested to alleviate these fears.
  • Parents recalled the anxiety provoked by the 'medical terminology' used during referral and their difficulty interpreting what is meant for the health of their child.
  • Despite initial fears, concern for their children's future health was a major driver behind parents participation. Children's enjoyment, the social support experienced by parents as well as staff enthusiasm, were key to programme completion.
The report can be found here.
28 March 2019 | Dublin, IE 
IrSPEN 2019 Policy Seminar and Conference
1 - 2 April 2019 | Dundee, UK
Spring conference 2019: Inter-individual differences in the nutrition response: from research to recommendations
28 April - 1 May 2019 | Glasgow, UK 
European Congress on Obesity
15 - 18 October 2019 | Dublin, IE 
13th European Nutrition Conference
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