April 2015
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Parents rarely spot child obesity – BBC News

NHS approach to obesity inexplicable, say MPs – BBC News

Obese people 'underestimate how much sugar they eat' – NHS Choices

Jamie Oliver Takes On Global Obesity Crisis – Sky News

Morbidly obese in England could get free flu jab - BBC News

Lack of sleep can have role in obesity and diabetes, study says - BBC News
 Health Promotion and Improvement


The HSE have awarded a 5 year National Contract for Vending following an in-depth tendering process. It is a dual award contract and patients, staff and visitors to healthcare facilities will start to see the new vending machines in some of our larger hospitals from the beginning of April. National roll out will be on a phased basis. The implementation of the HSE Healthy Vending Policy is by means of this national contract. The policy mandates the provision of a minimum of 60% Better Choice/healthier products in all vending machines in all HSE facilities. This percentage of Better Choice products can be revised upwards to 100% at the discretion of local management and in certain areas e.g. paediatric clinics, dental areas , diabetic waiting areas. It is planned to revise upwards this requirement for healthier options over time and subsequent revisions of the policy.  It also mandates calorie posting of all vended products to be displayed in anatomised (no company logos or subliminal advertising) vending machines displaying the caption “It’s all about choice....make yours a healthy one”. The newly designed white vending machines must also display the following 3 key messages in lime green info bubbles on the front and/or side of the machine:
  • Want a healthy snack? Choose the green option
  • Save your smile, drink water
  • Keep your snack to 150 calories
Latest reports and resources
The Interim Report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity is now open for comment from relevant stakeholders.
In this report the Commission identifies key issues including: the importance of a life-course approach to simultaneously address the risk factors for childhood obesity from before conception, through pregnancy and during childhood, as well as the obesogenic environment in which children and adolescents grow and develop. In addition, it outlines potential policy options that governments could consider to reduce the intake of unhealthy foods and non-alcoholic beverages, increase the intake of healthy foods and promote physical activity in children and adolescents. 

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